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Yearbook 42| 2021

History Education 30 Years after the Cold War / History Education in Africa

  • Preface
History Education and Migration
  • Barnabas Vajda
    Teaching the Cold War in the post-Cold War era
  • Denisa Labischová
    Different ways of presenting historical events in history textbooks from the Czech Republic and other countries: The 1938 Munich crisis
  • Mare Oja
    History teaching after the Cold War: The Estonian experience
  • Ágnes Fischer-Dárdai and József Kaposi
    Changing history teaching in Hungary (1990–2010): Trends, mosaics, patterns
History education in Africa
  • Yvonne M. Kabombwe and Nelly Mwale
    A silver line in curriculum reform: Reflections of teachers of history on the integration of history in the social studies curriculum at junior secondary school in Lusaka, Zambia
  • Denise Bentrovato
    The everydaty ellipsis in the edifice: The truncation of a unifying national narrative covering and revealing silenced realities in history education in post-independence Burundi
  • David Mbuthia
    From decolonization towards inclusivity: The evolution of presentation of Kenya’s history at the Nairobi National Museum
  • Andrea Brait
    Embedding museum visits in school history education
Book Reviews
  • Eleni Apostolidou
    Contextualizing recent developments on sociology of the curriculum and history didactics – on Arthur Chapman (ed) Knowing History in Schools, London: U.C.L. Press, 2021
  • Hanna-Liis Kaarlõp
    How has war been described in textbooks? – on Eugenia Roldan Vera and Eckhardt Fuchs (eds) Textbooks and War: Historical and Multinational Perspectives, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan
  • Joanna Wojdon
    ‘Teaching history, celebrating nationalism’ – on Krzysztof Jaskułowski, Piotr Majewski and Adrianna Surmiak, Teaching History, Celebrating Nationalism: School History Education in Poland, London: Routledge, 2021?
  • Boitumelo Mooreng
    Teaching and learning history and geography – on Elize van Eeden and Pieter Warnich (eds) Teaching and Learning History and Geography in the South African Classroom, Pretoria: Van Schaik, 2018
  • Joshua Chakawa
    History in African schools – on Denise Bentrovato and Johan Wassermann (eds) Teaching History in Schools: Experiences from Africa and Beyond, Leiden – Boston: Brill, 2021
  • Abstracts
  • Authors’ Index
  • Peer-Reviewers of the 2019 and 2020 JHEC
  • Call for Papers
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